Our Story

Starting out as a small Australian family business nearly 32 years ago, Isentia has become a global leader in delivering crucial business intelligence, operating in 18 offices across the Asia-Pacific.

The Isentia story is a compelling tale of how passionate people had the drive to innovative, creating technologically advanced search products that are today used by over 5,000 clients around the world.

Isentia - enterprising people doing things better.

Founded in 1982 by Sydney advertising pioneer Neville Jeffress, the company was known until recently as Media Monitors. Not long after opening, and with a vision to reshape the national media intelligence landscape, Mr Jeffress merged Media Monitors with other enterprising Australian companies, founded by Ian Parry-Okeden and Richard Croll.

With service excellence a priority, and as the internet began to connect the world in new ways, through the 1990s the organisation continued to adapt and prosper. By the early 21st century, the media landscape was changing rapidly. Isentia embraced the new online world by providing digital content, then launched its ground breaking Mediaportal solution, an integrated online workflow platform that is the cornerstone of our clients’ media intelligence.

Success and innovation led naturally to international expansion, and between 2004 and 2008 the company opened offices in Singapore, merged with Media People in New Zealand, and consolidated in mainland China through the purchase of Sinofile.

A Malaysian and Hong Kong office would follow and, as a new decade dawned, yet further logical client and business expansion was to come.

Already a proven listener in the global village of online conversations, adding Asia’s leading online business intelligence company Brandtology and Australian social media monitoring firm BuzzNumbers to the Isentia family reflected a vision to integrate the world of social and traditional media.

When in 2011 Isentia acquired MediaBanc, South East Asia’s largest and most experienced media intelligence organisation, the organisation added the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam to its client offering.

Today, Isentia, now a public company after floating on the Australian Securities Exchange in June 2014 (ASX:ISD), brings together a unique combination of skills honed over many years in many cultures. We are now over 1,200 people working together in 15 countries. We have become market leaders by blending innovative technology with smart people to provide our clients with relevant information.

As a leader in interpreting complex data, it is our mission to discover and share valuable insights that drive smarter decisions.

We do this by being passionate about your client experience, and collaborating as one team to continually find you better solutions. Every day, from Beijing to Bondi, we relish that challenge.

Isentia Timeline / History


The world’s first press clipping agency is established in France.


Australian Press Cutting Agency (APCA) one of Media Monitors‘ corporate forebears, is established.


June Pidler and Maureen Lynch set up press cutting service Lynch Pidler Pty Ltd


Prominent radio personality Ian Parry-Okeden establishes Media Monitors Australia. Broadcaster Richard Croll starts Croll’s Media Monitoring.


Sydney advertising businessman Neville Jeffress purchases New South Wales Country Press. Two press clipping agencies that are part of the sale are merged with Lynch Pidler Pty Ltd to form Neville Jeffress/Pidler Pty Ltd (NJP)


NJP acquires majority interest in Media Monitors Australia Pty Ltd from Ian Parry-Okeden and partners.


Neville Jeffress assumes full control of NJP. Media Monitors Victoria is formed from the amalgamation of four businesses. Neville Jeffress/Pidler group is renamed Media Monitors Australia Pty Ltd. Media Monitors acquires Croll’s Monitoring Service. Media Monitors Perth opens, merging News Research and Monitoring Perth Media.


John Croll is appointed CEO of Media Monitors. Media Monitors purchases Warburton Media Monitoring in South Australia.


Media Monitors begins internet monitoring following a technology alliance with Hitwise. Media Monitors produces its first all-digital press clips.


Media Monitors acquires majority holding in New Zealand’s Media Search. Media Monitors launches Mediaportal, revolutionising media monitoring with its integrated online platform.


Media Monitors acquires CARMA International (Asia-Pacific) Pty Ltd, the Asia-Pacific franchise of global media analysis firm CARMA. Media Monitors acquires Rehame, the second largest media monitoring company in Australia. Singapore office opens.


Media Monitors purchases 50% of Media People, the leading media directory business in New Zealand. Founder Mr Neville Jeffress passes away.


Media Monitors transitions to digital capture for radio and TV monitoring. Media Monitors expands into Greater China acquiring Sinofile Information Consulting, based in Beijing. Kuala Lumpur office opens in Malaysia. MediaStream is launched, enabling Mediaportal clients instant radio and TV clips streaming. Hong Kong office opens.


Media Monitors launches Mobile Mediaportal, a world first in the provision of media intelligence services via mobile devices. Shanghai office opens. Media Monitors acquires Chongs Newztel in New Zealand. 


Media Monitors is acquired by Quadrant Private Equity.


Media Monitors acquires Brandtology, a global online business intelligence company based in Singapore. Media Monitors acquires ChinaClipping, a Beijing based monitoring service. Media Monitors acquires MediaBanc, the leading media intelligence company across six countries in South East Asia. 


Sentia Media is launched as a parent company for the fast growing suite of brands formerly under the Media Monitors umbrella. Aquires Australia’s leading social media analysis company BuzzNumbers.


Isentia is launched, Asia-Pacific’s leading media intelligence company and a world leader in its field with nearly 1,200 employees and offices across Asia-Pacific. Isentia acquires leading social media creative agency Two Social.


Isentia wins the Software and Information Industry Association CODiE Award for Best Media and Information Monitoring Solution in January. Soon after Mediaportal with Social, a world first integrated traditional and social media monitoring and analytics platform is launched. In June Isentia Group Limited lists on the Australian Securities Exchange following an Initial Public Offering. Through innovation and the drive of its people, Isentia has continually evolved to provide world-leading media intelligence services to many thousands of clients. As a leader in interpreting complex data, it is Isentia's mission to discover and share valuable insights that help drive smarter decisions.