3 social media marketing blunders you can't afford to make

From modest startups to multinational conglomerates, social media continues to be an essential part of the business landscape, regardless of location. The numbers are staggering. Facebook ultimately reigns supreme, boasting around 1.44 billion active users as of March 31, 2015, according to its first quarter report. Qzone, a Chinese social network follows some distance behind, with Twitter claiming the bronze medal in third position.


In today's connected world, the importance of social media is becoming increasingly apparent. However, it's not enough to merely be present on these platforms - to promote brand awareness, you need to be engaging with users effectively. Social media monitoring systems can help you identify which strategies are working for you - and which aren't. Avoid wasting time on inefficient campaigns by steering clear of these all-too-common social media marketing mistakes:

Focus your efforts on the three social networks your demographic is most likely to use.

1. Choosing the wrong network

Not all social media networks are created equally. If your target market is savvy entrepreneurs, you probably wouldn't centre your social strategy around Pinterest. Similarly, if you want to reach creatives or homemakers, a campaign focused on LinkedIn would likely prove fruitless. 

While there's a plethora of options out there, it would perhaps be more prudent to focus your efforts on three platforms that your target demographic are most likely to use. If you're realistic about both your products and your customers, you'll be able to identify which social network is likely to net you the best results.

2. Ignoring followers' comments

It's easy to fall into the trap of seeing any social network as something of a soapbox, a platform from which you can share your thoughts and boost your brand's visibility. While it can - when executed properly - be used for these purposes, try to keep in mind that social media is very much a two-way dialogue. 

Any business with a strong social presence will receive many messages from its followers, and it's vital that you use these opportunities to communicate with your prospects. Maintaining these online relationships are an integral part of an effective social strategy.

Social media is a two-way dialogue. Don't forget to communicate with your followers.

3. Not measuring results

There's little point investing your resources into developing and carrying out a social marketing plan if there's no way to measure its results. Establishing the right metrics is critical for determining the success of your social efforts. Has your number of followers grown? How many people have you driven to the website? What's your ROI? 

Addressing these concerns is paramount to growing your business in the digital space, and effective social media analysis can help you answer these very questions.

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