Key trends driving video opportunities eBook

Isentia company King Content has taken a look at the top six trends set to shape video content marketing opportunities going forward – and share some of the insights from top industry influencers who participated in recent discussion panels in Sydney and Melbourne. Through a haze of hype, video is emerging as an important opportunity for brands looking to tell a story, create an emotional connection and drive action throughout the customer journey.... continue reading

How Mission Australia got people to #NoticeUs with video

Challenge: Although they are one of the largest not for profit organisations with over 150 years of practical experience working with Australians in need, Mission Australia needed to raise awareness about the work they do and the overwhelming number of Australians in need of help. As Mission Australia supports Australians through various issues including unemployment, addictions, housing and mental health – the message need to be simple, get... continue reading

Webinar: How to cut through the noise on social media

Training consultant Gareth Kidd covers the importance of quality content, when to post, and whether promotion is something communications professionals should consider. continue reading

Facebook announces plans to introduce a 'dislike' button

With close to a billion daily active users, there's no denying that Facebook, when paired with a social media analysis service, is a powerful tool for any communication professional seeking to connect with their target market on a global digital stage.   Just how useful is Facebook's 'like' feature?   A digital thumbs up allows users to show appreciation for content, but it does have some limitations. Part of Facebook's popularity stems from the... continue reading

How is Thailand unleashing its inner social butterfly?

Succeeding in Southeast Asia depends not only on making sound business decisions within the unique cultural context of the region, but also on a company's ability to use media tracking to accurately measure the success of these decisions.    Internet penetration in Thailand   While traditional print media plays an integral role in this part of the world, the internet has become increasingly important in recent years. Indeed, the people of Thailand are... continue reading

3 social media marketing blunders you can't afford to make

From modest startups to multinational conglomerates, social media continues to be an essential part of the business landscape, regardless of location. The numbers are staggering. Facebook ultimately reigns supreme, boasting around 1.44 billion active users as of March 31, 2015, according to its first quarter report. Qzone, a Chinese social network follows some distance behind, with Twitter claiming the bronze medal in third position.   In... continue reading

What's the Australian public's perception of social media monitoring?

Social media has become a powerful ally to brands looking to better connect and build relationships with consumers. However, there is a balance between the needs of any campaign to successfully have enough reach, while not being too intrusive. The average consumer is quickly put off by blatant, targeted advertising, so a delicate approach will typically be the best one. Of course, better understanding that line and meeting the needs of any target audience requires an... continue reading

Unlimited virality: Why awareness is key to brand building on social media

Businesses that have a level of self-awareness will typically resonate with their customers, and the wider public for that matter, in a relatively broad way. After all, it's fine to hide behind a corporate image at times, but it's the human element that really draws people in. Of course, this is far more noticeable on social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram et al have levelled the playing field and broken down barriers between brands and consumers... continue reading

Social media, CEOs and influence across platforms

Social media has become a juggernaut in its own right. Whether it's the ever spiraling number of daily users that consider Facebook the go-to, or anyone getting involved with a trending topic on Twitter, social platforms are integral in the life of the modern media consumer. The rise of the social company Consequently, more companies than ever are looking to leverage social media in efforts to appeal to more people. In fact, research by Nexgate​, which... continue reading