Crisis management in the social age

Traditionally, when your brand was linked with damaging or defaming material, it would take days or even weeks to uncover the source and put crisis management strategies in place.

Now, with social media monitoring, crises can be uncovered and dealt with faster than ever before. One example of this was recently published by various online news sources in the UK.

The crisis developed when a faulty Google algorithm led to the wrong slogan being displayed when users searched for a popular bakery chain, Greggs. The profile, rather than reading "Always Fresh, Always Tasty" instead included an offensive quote from a Wikipedia parody site.

Fans of the brand quickly took to Twitter to share the rude but humorous message, creating a viral campaign within hours. This left the company's digital brand manager scrambling to respond to the potentially damaging incident.

Rather than issuing a dry and corporate statement or ignoring the problem, the bakery's brand manager took to twitter and demonstrated the kind of crisis response that can turn a bad situation into a marketing dream.

Tweeting from the official Greggs account, the company released a series of fun images and messages while attempting to get Google to fix the error. At the same time, the Twitter account was being used to connect with followers, responding to consumers' tweets with good-humoured jokes.

Google UK was quick to join in the fun, contributing their own share of images and tweets. It didn't take long for the conversation to then draw to a close, with the error fixed and both companies having boosted their reputations as fun and engaging enterprises.

This scenario demonstrates how crisis management can be done right. Unfortunate situations like this can strike at any time, making it vital that you monitor your brand on all social media channels. Often, a customer's tweet could be your first clue that something has gone wrong.

It is therefore easy to see how media monitoring can be a crucial consideration for any business, no matter what size, shape or industry.

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