Does staff social media activity scare you?

Employee social media engagement could be a benefit for a business' brand and its people.


Posting pictures of a staff lunch on Facebook or Tweeting a business announcement on personal accounts may introduce a level of apprehension within a business, but the truth is social media engagement with employees shouldn’t cause you to split grey hairs.

In fact the biggest advocates of your business are your employees, and engaging with employees online could actually have a positive effect to a business or brand. Engaged employees develop into advocates for your business, and social media provides a powerful reach to otherwise untapped audiences through your employees.  

Healthy social media presence: 
Social media presence has no geographic borders, and is not restricted by time zones. Essentially you can reach audiences across the globe 24 hours a day. The work you do online could be working for you via your employee’s social media connections while you sleep. Beware though, that posting social media content has to be well-timed to optimise your audience reach and message penetration.

Engaged employees:
Highly engaged employees are transformed into effective business-communications channels through social media as they share your business messages with their own virtual networks. Remember that people also have more confidence and trust recommendations from people they know, so they are likely to listen to one of your employees than a regular marketing campaign or advertisement.

Brand awareness:
Social media employee engagement entrenches and enhances brand awareness among your staff, competitors, and your industry leaders. Employees also help to expose business programs, promotions, products and events.

Social media also augments your employer and brand reputation because through social media channels you have greater visibility of what people are saying about your brand.  Anecdotally your own social media connections can see how strong your employer reputation is and how you engage with them.


Engaging with employees online could actually have a positive effect to a business or brand.

Customer Service:
From a more tactical business perspective social media employee engagement is a fantastic tool for customer service. With their eyes and ears tuned into the social media space, employees are able to react to customer matters faster and even alert the right people within the business on other business matters which may need to be addressed.

Social media strategy:
One tip is to develop a social media employee engagement strategy. Initially make sure the business leaders support an employee advocacy program and that the leaders are good examples of employees using social media as advocates.

Social media policy:
It is also essential to have a social media policy and education program in place. Educating staff does not have to involve large and costly programs, a few key people in the business who can help out or answer questions could be all your business needs. Using social media is not always intuitive and some staff may need a bit of help. Apart from explaining the mechanics of using social networks, staff should be aware of the organisation’s policy on using social media and understand the ramifications of any inappropriate comments.

Be quick - establish a social media strategy and have your social media policies in place so your business leaders can connect with employees through social media. Clearly it will help drive employee engagement using all the digital tools and platforms available instead of relying on traditional ways to engage with them. Of course it also helps when working in a more global environment.

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by Keiasha Naidoo
Group Communications Advisor in Special. Tagged with 员工社交媒体、 and 品牌传播.

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