How Mission Australia got people to #NoticeUs with video


Although they are one of the largest not for profit organisations with over 150 years of practical experience working with Australians in need, Mission Australia needed to raise awareness about the work they do and the overwhelming number of Australians in need of help.

As Mission Australia supports Australians through various issues including unemployment, addictions, housing and mental health – the message need to be simple, get people’s attention and reflect their brand proposition of ‘Standing Together With Australians in Need Until They Can Stand For Themselves’.


With Facebook as a primary channel, a series of videos were developed that focused around the core narrative of homelessness, in particular, the majority you do not see.

Filmed in Alexandria Homemakers Centre the approach was more of a ‘social experiment’ to see how people would react when a homeless ‘couch surfer’ was placed in the middle of the mall on a busy Saturday.  Would they #notice?

The passer-by’s were then interviewed and asked to describe homelessness and what they thought of the teenage girl (*actress) sleeping on the couch. Many describing the common perception of ‘homelessness’ of those sleeping rough on the street, generally older, dirty and possibly struggling with an addiction – we revealed that this is actually only 6% of homelessness, and that the girl on the couch actually is more common a scenario. With 94% of homelessness in Australia effectively ‘hidden’ away, sleeping in cars, in shelters, boarding homes or on friends couches. Often because they feel unsafe at home.

The reactions we captured formed the series and brought the ‘hidden’ problem to light by staging the event where people were going about their everyday life, looking at home furnishings. Many found it eye opening and surprising.

By using the public’s voice to tell the story, the videos are beautifully emotive and uplifting to encourage viewers to share, watch more, join the #NoticeUs movement and potentially be inspired to donate and Mission Australia help more Australians take back their independence.

A total of 8 videos were developed and advertised on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, another 3 for Instagram. Currently across a range of clients and a range of industries we see videos lose around 60% of viewers in the first 3 seconds, 71% in the first 6 seconds and 84% by the 15 second mark when they are auto-playing the video. The only videos that truly bucked the trend were ones featuring their key message in the first three seconds which is why each of the 8 videos were crafted with this in mind and are visually impactful within this window. Various creative materials were also developed such as staff LinkedIn banners, Corporate Facebook and Twitter Banners and various images for Mission Australia’s donation landing page. The Alexandria Homemaker Centre also got involved in support of the #NoticeUS campaign with a video and an internal video with CEO of Mission Australia, Catherine Yeo encouraging staff to be proud and share the work.


  • With an overall reach of 7,678,256 across all channels, the noise and engagement generated around the #NoticeUs content was outstanding
  • The #NoticeUS videos had 3,216,785 views, 11,670,904 impressions and a click through rate of 3.99%
  • Viewers averaged between 10-20 seconds video view time on each ad, leading the campaign as a whole to be viewed for over 11,000 hours
  • On the campaigns primary channel, Facebook, the videos were shared 12,460 times with the top Facebook ad receiving 843,332 views, 5,141 likes, 676 shares and 88 comments proving that the content was not only interesting, but sparked conversation.
  • The brands Facebook page also saw a follower growth of 61% and the media monitoring report showed that 73.18% of all public mentions of the campaign on Facebook, with keywords ‘Homelessness’, ‘@MissionAust’, ‘NoticeUS’, ‘Mission’ ranking highly
  • 23,588 people clicked through to visit the #NoticeUS landing page where they could watch other videos, read quotes from the day, subscribe to Mission Australia news and donate.

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