How to measure press release ROI

When distributing a press release, your company will likely have a defined set of objectives in mind. Whether looking to increase sales or simply establish the business as a leader in its field, a press release is a great way to engage the media in these objectives.

However, once the release has been shared across particular media platforms and journalists, how do you measure the effectiveness of your campaign?

Understanding how to quantify the success of your company's press release distribution is a vital consideration for any communications professional. The ability to communicate these metrics to the decision makers in your company will ensure you are able to drive strategic planning for your department and the organisation as a whole.

One method of measuring the effectiveness of your press releases is to invest in a media intelligence solution. The reports created using this software contain valuable metrics related to the engagement and influence of your publications, delivering easy-to-read and understand charts and figures.

This is the most efficient way to measure your press releases' return on investment (ROI). These reports will contain a range of metrics, which can help you communicate the value of your campaigns to the executive room.

Here are three ways your media intelligence reports will measure the ROI of your press release distribution:

Views and penetration

Once your press release has been distributed, it is important to track the mentions of your brand and products across various media channels. This will help you understand how far your release has penetrated into the market.

Inbound traffic

A good press release should include a call to action or link that audiences can follow and act on what they read. By keeping tabs on how many times people click on these links or preform the actions you recommend, you can measure both the reach of your release and the levels of engagement it inspires.

Sales and actions

ROI is traditionally measured in a dollar value, so it is easy to track effectiveness if your press release is able to increase sales. Your publication should increase awareness of your services - inspiring customers to make purchases or investors to engage with your brand.

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