Messaging mastery on the big four social media platforms

Great content is about tailoring your messaging to your audience. Here we consider how you can make your posts on the big four social media platforms work harder for you.

With so many platforms for consumers to engage on today, brands need to consider how messages are presented across multiple channels so as to make the most of each platform’s individual tools.

Each platform has its own tone, etiquette and rules of engagement based on which audience is using it and why they are there.

Many, if not most, brands use social media purely as a distribution platform, so why not dive deeper and consider who you’re actually reaching, the limitations of what you can do, or how a particular platform’s algorithms work to your advantage?


A staggering 62 per cent of the entire adult population is on Facebook,so it’s safe to say that this is a good place to start if your goal is to get content to go viral.

But it’s also helpful to know that the Facebook audience, comprising 77 per cent of all female internet users in the world, has been around for over 12 years and has a significant number of users in older age groups. These factors can affect how your messaging may be perceived by such a wide audience.

Given also that 90 per cent of Facebook users consume content on mobile devices, ensure that your posts are succinct and can be easily understood by the user on the go. As five million Australians watch a video on Facebook every day, consider doing videos in your content strategy – but bear in mind that posting videos natively on your Facebook itself is a better way to retain viewership compared to directing users to a video sitting on YouTube.


Twitter users are in motion – dipping in and out of the conversation whenever something captures their attention. Twitter is a great platform for live-event updates and reactionary content, but if you are going to play in this 140-character space, you need to:

  • Be bold: Make a statement. You only have a few short characters to play with, so make them count.
  • Be current: Twitter moves fast. Topics come and go in minutes. If you want to be part of the conversation, you need to act immediately or the moment will be lost.
  • Make offers: Fifty per cent of Twitter users follow brands, so don’t miss out on this marketing opportunity.
  • Hashtags: Use hashtags in a smart way to help interested people find your content.


If you’re selling business to business, LinkedIn is the platform for you. This is very much a professional space where users expect a higher level of professionalism than on other platforms. Consider LinkedIn to be the equivalent of an online business meeting. Use friendly but professional language, and post topics that are of value to people in a professional space – not just entertainment.

Here you can post longer blog posts or links to your professional blog. Keep your posts targeted and helpful to maximise lead-generation potential. If you join a group, take time to understand the group dynamic before posting.


Instagram has over 500 million active users worldwide, and is highly visual with an emphasis on beautiful photography and video, so take advantage of these characteristics and consider using Instagram to shine light on your products.

Because of its visual nature, keep the focus of your campaign on the quality and variety of the photos you post. Because so much content is being shared around the platform every day, use hashtags as a way to help your content connect with the right audiences.

To effectively create campaigns for social media, brands that need to reach a diverse audience should avoid spraying their message across all platforms in the same generic way – don’t risk missing opportunities or alienating consumers.

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