iSentia remains the most awarded media analysis and measurement company 2010 - 2013

What an amazing opportunity to spend three days discussing and workshopping the latest global trends in measurement and insights with industry leaders and our global peers.

The chance to attend the 5th European Summit on Measurement in Madrid was both a luxury and a fantastic opportunity. A luxury, because it isn’t often you get the chance to lift your mind from the day-to-day to think about and debate the future direction of the industry. A great opportunity, because the AMEC summit brings together leaders in measurement from over 35 countries in order to present the latest trends and cutting-edge research. The delegates and speakers at the summit represent the best of our international peers, clients, PR agencies and industry associations. It was also in the beautiful city of Madrid – a definite added bonus!

The theme of the conference was “Unlocking Business Performance: Communications research and analytics in action”. Here are the hottest topics and trends to emerge from Madrid:

Multiple data streams unlock insight and demonstrate value

From the very first workshop, it was clear that the media measurement game is changing and it is changing quickly. The potential of the big data and the more consumer-centric data that comes via social media metrics is providing so many new opportunities to measure impact. One of the most notable trends was the correlation of multiple data sets in order to gain insight and demonstrate the value of PR.  The traditional model – which largely focused on outputs such as volume of coverage and tone – is being replaced by a smarter, more grown-up form that is linked to business performance.

Case studies from the likes of IKEA, SABIC, Nissan and Vodafone demonstrated that powerful results have come from measurement that is linked to business objectives, and that utilises multiple data sets to deliver insight.  Most clients presenting at the workshop are still on the “measurement journey” – still learning how to utilise analytics and measurement, and most importantly, still working out the best ways to leverage insights within their organisation. Common to all was the need to present insight that positioned PR and Communications as a key driver of business performance.  Examples that stood out demonstrated that PR was driving product development and that PR delivers the greatest efficiency/highest returns of the marketing mix.

Encouragingly, most clients are utilising data that is already available within the organisation. Useful data sets include media analysis, sales data, consumer research, net promoter scores and employee engagement scores.  It was clear that we all have much to gain by working across business functions, sharing data in order to provide a holistic view.

Courting the C-Suite

Gaining access and influence to the C-Suite was a key focus in Madrid. While it was one of the most contentious topics discussed (even to the point where some called for a ban on the phrase “C-Suite” altogether!), it was undeniable that PR and Communications has a great desire to be at the “grown-ups table”, and that clever measurement was seen as a key way to gain influence and earn a seat at that table. Research from Booz Allen Hamilton into the gap between Communications and the C-Suite recommended that Communication executives need to think, speak and behave as a business people first, and as communications professionals second. Speaking the “language of the C-Suite” implies positioning communications as a means to an end – namely, better financial performance.

Clarity and direction on social media measurement

As predicted, social media was another hot topic and it was here the conference delegates shared a collective moment of clarity, thanks to Don Bartholomew (SVP, Digital and Social Media Research, Ketchum).  Bartholomew presented the AMEC Social Media Valid Framework, which streamlines a wide array of existing models into one clear, comprehensive yet flexible guide to measuring this media type. It was the key highlight of the conference and I believe we will see the framework adopted far and wide. The key pillars of exposure, engagement, influence, impact and advocacy will certainly be the core components of our own social media analysis at iSentia. For more information visit

AMEC Awards

It’s great to be able to report that iSentia retains its mantle as the most awarded media analysis and research company across 104 members represented in 50 countries. Our Insights team were recognised with four awards for analysis and measurement, and myself and my colleague Ngaire Crawford were honoured with a 'Highly Commended' in the Young Professional of the Year Awards.

Kym Edullantes and Ngaire Crawford, with AMEC Executive Director Barry Leggeter.

Innovation in Social Media Measurement:

iSentia for White Ribbon New Zealand – Silver medal

iSentia for Australian Paralympic Committee – Bronze medal

 Best Use of Measurement for a Single Event:

iSentia for White Ribbon New Zealand – Silver medal

iSentia for Australian Paralympic Committee  – Bronze medal

Young Professional of the Year Award

Ngaire Crawford, Insights Consultant – New Zealand – Highly Commended

Kym Endullantes, Media Intelligence Consultant – Philippines – Highly Commended


Insights tips from Madrid

  • Link your analysis and measurement to your business objectives
  • Start slow and build
  • Ensure your reporting suits the culture and structure of your organisation
  • Breaking down the silos will provide a holistic view and deeper insight
by Kym Edullantes
Insights Consultant 分析顾问 Tagged with AMEC.

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