Stepping into the social spotlight and creating conversations

Understanding when your audience is online and how they engage on social media has a significant affect on the success of a campaign. Optimal timing for social media really depends on data and statistics that provide the visibility to pinpoint the best time to communicate with your audience.

Although there isn’t one formula that suits all, there is a wider range of social media insights that can help identify reach and engagement opportunities; but remember the best way to determine what works is to test it out on your own audience.

There are 4 essential elements to stepping into the social media spotlight and creating meaningful conversations:

1.Create content that your audience wants

What type of content works best? Native videos actually get higher organic reach than other types of content on Facebook. Studies show that consumers look at native ads 52% more frequently than banner ads.

2.Select the appropriate platforms

What are you trying to achieve? There is no point in publishing the same content across all social media platforms. Having clear communication objectives and a strategy makes it easier to select the appropriate platforms.

3.Choose the right time to post    

If what you’re sharing is already engaging, then the fastest ways to grow social media engagement is to improve when you’re sharing content.

When to post on social media largely depends on your audience, the best time to post is obviously when they are online. Here is some platform based stats on when to post on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn:


  • Weekdays work well for a B2B audience with 12pm being the highest CTR and 5pm the highest for retweets.
  • For a B2C audience engagement and CTR weekends and Wednesdays at 6pm seem to be the sweet spot.


Analysis of 14 million users suggest that the most clicks are shares received on LinkedIn on Tuesday between 10am-11am.


The best time to outreach on Facebook is Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 12pm and 6pm. If you are interested in expanding your reach you may want to consider spending $100 on your Facebook post which could increase your reach by 20k.

4.Test and revise

To better understand what works for your audience it is important to monitor your posts and optimise social media content. There are many tools in the market that will provide you with valuable data and in turn insights and learnings which may identify new opportunities to have a meaningful conversation with your audience.

Remember, people listen to what their peers are saying and they’re saying it in social media. The opinions of people you know and trust are far more important and influential than branded, corporate PR and advertisements. So it is worthwhile investing the time to get your social media right. 

by Biljana Vojdanoska, Campaign Manager, Isentia
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