Tracking brand reputation during the holiday season

As Christmas marches closer, many companies will be preparing for the inevitable slow-down, or even closure, of their businesses. However, PR professionals will likely not get the same period of respite as other departments.

Many businesses may assume the holiday slow-down means people are not paying attention to branding and marketing, yet the truth could actually be different. In fact, media tracking could become increasingly important over the coming months, as consumers spend less time at work and more time in front of their computers, mobile phones and television screens.

Here are three ways you can keep on top of your business's branding over the Christmas and New Year's break:

Plan ahead

If your company is sending people home for the holidays, and closing its doors for a week or more, it pays to have plans in place to cover the gaps.

Creating an effective strategy to stay on top of media branding and retain your place in the minds of your audience is key. This could include staggering your leave with other stakeholders in the company, so someone is always available to respond to crises and increased activity.

Stay active

If your activity on social media platforms drops or the brand's media presence falls to zero over the Christmas holidays, you may find that your consumer switches off.

It can be difficult to win back a lost customer, so staying on top of your activity is important. Try creating more content now that can be published on social media and in newspapers over the coming months.

Keep watching

While you may not want to be sitting in front of your work computer on Christmas morning, it pays to have quick and easy access to media intelligence reports that are collated in real time and delivered with the necessary insights already determined.

If an industry development or relevant story were to break regarding your brand, the ability to pull up a comprehensive report sooner rather than later will help you to respond and manage the situation before it gets out of control.

By implementing these strategies now, you can prevent your company from losing its position in the industry as businesses switch off and consumers switch on during the holidays.

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