Why should your business be using press releases ?

With much of the buzz around modern media focusing on social platforms, has the art of news distribution had its day?

Here at iSentia, we think the news is one of the most powerful tools a company can use for spreading vital brand messages. In particular, press release distribution has many benefits for businesses. Here are just four:

Widespread publication

Press releases are contained documents used to communicate newsworthy company updates. With the right tools, you can spread this message over a huge number of relevant platforms.

Able to be viewed, shared and republished across the entire web, creating an interesting and unique press release will ensure your brand message is reaching as many people as possible.

Useful in any application

Some people may struggle to believe that a business could have any story that is newsworthy, unless it's a global leader like Apple or Microsoft. 

However, press releases can be utilised in almost any situation. Has your company recently hired a rising star, launched a new product or received an award?

There are many reasons your business could release an official statement. A good rule of thumb is to consider whether the content is interesting to shareholders, clients or competitors.

Easily communicable

Press releases are not only a great way to share your news with your audience, but they can be easily understood by the executive board.

As a communications professional, it can be difficult to explain the impact of your actions to those not trained in media monitoring. With media monitoring analytics, you can demonstrate to the board how far your message is spreading.

Control and define your message

By releasing your own press statements, you can effectively control how the media is talking about your brand.

A press release is an official document, which means it is more likely to be used as an authoritative source when searching for facts about your company. This should influence any journalist or professional blogger planning to create content based on your brand to turn to these sources first.

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