Selangor State Development Corporation (PKNS)

Selangor State Development Corporation (PKNS) used the intelligence gained from Isentia to track and change its media reputation in challenging times.

The Challenge

PKNS was largely seen as an organisation that provided public housing. It needed to re-position its brand so that it was also seen as a cutting-edge property developer that could complete with other large property players in Malaysia.

PKNS needed to be able to demonstrate the effectiveness of its brand repositioning to its board, and identify public feedback about its new corporate image.

While in the process of re-positioning the brand, PKNS experienced a media crisis, after tenants staged public protests against rental fee increases. PKNS’ crisis response required a tailored media strategy, based on media insight.

The Solution

Quarterly reports demonstrated that PKNS had successfully promoted its new high-end focus in the media.

Isentia provided valuable insight by identifying and examining public feedback and media perceptions about PKNS’ changing image. Reports provided practical insight that guided decision making.

Analysis identified that the organisation’s media image had shifted so dramatically that it was being accused of neglecting its social obligations and being too commercially aggressive.

Actionable Insight

PKNS adjusted its messaging based on the emerging risks identified. Company spokespeople emphasised that highend projects were necessary in order to secure funding for affordable housing initiatives.

The report findings prompted PKNS to split off its high-end developments under a separate brand, to more clearly demonstrate the organisation’s dual functions to the public.

Isentia’s analysis of reporting on the crisis also identified a journalist who was biased against PKNS, which led the organisation to focus its engagement on journalists who produced more balanced or favourable coverage.

The Verdict

“Isentia’s report has guided us in our regular communication planning and implementation … We were able to manage negative press trends better through observing the trends in coverage of crises and how this evolved over time… Thanks to their analysis, we received confirmation that the public was critical of our commercial aspirations and urged PKNS to solely focus on affordable housing. We were able to respond in the media that our higher-end projects were intended to sustain affordable housing developments.”

Ishak bin Hashim,
PKNS Public Relations Manager.

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