Universitas Indonesia's Testimonial

It all started around 1849, when the Dutch-Colonial government decided to build a medical school. Two years later, in 1851 the medical school was officially named the Dokter-Djawa School. After various name changes, the school changed its name yet again to School tot Opleiding van Indische Artsen (STOVIA) in 1898. The Dutch-Colonial also built four other schools which were the forerunner of what was known later as the Nood-Universiteit or “The Emergency Universities”. In 1947, the Nood-Universiteit changed its name to Universiteit van Indonesie, which in 1950 was then merged and became “Universiteit Indonesia”, or Universitas Indonesia as we know it now. Today, Universitas Indonesia (UI) has developed into a leading university with its 13 faculties, post-graduate programs, and vocational programs. Early in 2016, UI cemented its position as the number one university in Indonesia according to Webometrics and QS World University Ranking 2015/2016. For the first time, UI managed to make its way into the list of 800 best universities in the world, and also became the only Indonesian university to be listed in the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings 2015-2016.


As the best university in Indonesia, Universitas Indonesia often makes the headlines in the media. Various activities and events held by UI, its academic achievements and research reports, UI experts’ comments across a wide range of issues often make it on the news.

In order to maintain this achievement, UI needs a special team designated to monitor news and information circulating in the media (be it online, printed, or broadcasted). Such a team is usually labeled ‘Media Monitoring Team’.


Isentia take charge of the media monitoring process which encompasses reading, monitoring, and listening to the contents of articles, news, and advertisements in the media which relate to Universitas Indonesia, other Indonesian universities and educational issues in Indonesia. Apart from the monitoring service, Universitas Indonesia also gets a kind of analysis assistance, namely the basic intellivator service, which is especially effective to generate ROI ratings, tonality, Key Performance Indicator (KPI), and volume exposure of every single UI news captured in the media on a weekly, monthly, or even annual basis.


Universitas Indonesia trust Isentia to execute the media monitoring and analysis  job. The detail Isentia execution can be described as follow:

  1. Converting news into a digital form.
  2. Provides easy-to-read and easy-to-access daily news summaries sent via webmail.
  3. Isentia also sends alerts for negative news to allow the university to promptly deal with the problem at hand.
  4. And the especially helpful Isentia feature is the Media Connect. It allows Isentia to distribute press releases, news-coverage invitations, or even a simple news-ticker to the press so that it can be distributed to any available media.

Universitas Indonesia testimonial about Isentia

“Valid ROI ratings, punctual weekly-monthly-yearly reports, and prompt responses from Isentia team have convinced UI to subscribe to Isentia services since 2013 up until today to help UI maintain its positive organization image.”