Your expert media partner

Isentia is APAC’s leading media intelligence company providing our clients information and insights into their media activity. Isentia is the media partner that will support you from start to finish. With more than 30 years experience with media we will work with you to ensure that your media needs are covered.


Working with Isentia means having a partner in your media team helping you both understand what your current activity looks like and more importantly helping you figure out what to do with that information.

Whether you are a large corporate managing a range of issues and media strategies or a small PR firm tracking one campaign in a specific region, Isentia has the power to help.

Media management is more than just watching and listening to what is being said about you in the media. It is about managing all aspects of your media activity from tracking your mentions to reporting on your successes, to managing a crisis to planning for your future activity, and everything in between.

We love the media and thrive on your success.


1-Social platform is an all-in-one platform that empowers brands to manage conversations in social media, track their own activities, and engage consumers in a timely fashion. We analyse the online positioning of brands like yours by listening to online conversations on various channels and social networking sites.


SinoPortal is a monitoring product offered exclusively by iSentia China that has been designed to provide clients with fast access to information. It is an easy-to-use web-based application, which enables you to monitor and analyses relevant media, as defined by you, as it happens.

MPI Report

Media Performance Index (MPI) is a rating system that quantifies the performance of each entity being monitored and analyzed in the media. The index aims to help clients to measure their communication campaigns more efficiently and benchmark the media performance with competitors and across the industry.

Sino Express News

Sino Express News is a monitoring product offered exclusively by iSentia that has been designed to provide clients in China with fast access to information. It combines all of a client’s relevant press and Internet coverage into a simple HTML report. The client specifies one or more delivery times and the report is automatically generated and delivered at the chonsen times.