Make better decisions when it comes to your social media strategy

Social media is transforming the way businesses communicate with the world. As a growing number of consumers, corporates and clients actively use social media platforms, we need to embrace this movement to help influence and shape future media strategies.

Isentia Brandtology works with Isentia Insights and 1-Social, employing cutting-edge technology and professional researchers to release the potential of social media and provide social media analysis for brand owners that help drive growth. We are the only social media intelligence service provider with the capacity to monitor, analyse and report in languages spoken by more than 90% of the world’s population.

How it works: Isentia Brandtology’s online business intelligence services enable brands to manage and extract invaluable insights from consumers’ conversations through an effective combination of proprietary state-of-the-art technology, proven processes and trained professionals.

What’s in it for you: With the insights gleaned from the data and commentary provided, our clients can make timely and informed strategic decisions. Our customized reports are tailored to various stakeholders and to meet different business goals.


Isentia Brandtology can help you with brand strategy, market research, PR 2.0, consumer research, sales and lead generation, and social media marketing. 

Brand Strategy

It's an ongoing struggle to "out-brand" your competitors. Whose ads, messages or latest jingle will capture consumers' hearts - and wallets? Do consumers identify those messages you've been pushing to promote your brand? Every time the consumer interacts with you it's a brand experience. Whether they're emailing an inquiry, using your product or in one of your retail environments simply browsing and asking for help from the salesperson. That's why you should be equipped with in-depth research about your brand, audience and competitors.

Market Research

To survive and thrive in today's growing and competitive market, companies need to have a thorough understanding of their industry, as well as a plan. It is essential to conduct market research to know what products or services your customers need. Market research will let you know whether you've satisfied customer needs with your existing products and services, if there are improvements to be made to address customer concerns, and factors that impact your target market and their purchase behaviour.

Isentia Brandtology uses a combination of state-of-the-art proprietary technology and trained professionals to help clients monitor what people are saying about their brand and/or products online, as well as make sense of the data and turn it into deep, actionable intelligence that allow timely strategic decisions. We provide a high degree of accuracy and relevancy in the insights we gather, both quantitative and qualitative, unlike any other automated monitoring tool.

PR 2.0

Public relations is all about managing the flow of information between an organisation and its stakeholders - and it's essential for any corporation that cares about its reputation. The advent of Web 2.0 and social media in recent years has enabled dialogue between web owners and users, giving birth to the concept of PR 2.0. PR professionals can no longer get away with pushing information toward an audience because users are able to contribute to the conversation and impact brand perception by providing immediate, real-time responses. Our proprietary tracking system allows organisations to measure changes in the amount of responses/conversations/voices surrounding ay topic on a day-to-day basis. Wit a clear idea of how the crisis is unfolding, organisations are better equipped to formulate appropriate courses of action to reduce and eliminate the amount of negative mentions in the shortest time.

Isentia Brandtology helps you to track the level of buzz around your brand and accurately analyse net sentiment - whether positive, neutral or negative. We can also identify key influencers and analyse their responses to issues concerning your brand. That puts you in a much better position to address negative issues and push positive ones. 

Sales and Leads Generation

One of the biggest obstacles any business has to overcome when establishing an online presence is finding customers and new leads. Any business, particularly those in direct sales and network marketing, is founded on a solid customer base. With lead generation, businesses can capitalize on information about prospective customers. Once leads have been obtained they can be used for a variety of purposes – list building, reward programs, identifying consumer product preferences, identifying buy signals and acquisition programs, and more.

Traditionally, businesses have used web optimization and manual searches to generate leads. Isentia Brandtology’s ticketing system identifies buying signals from prospective consumers while our custom crawlers identify key words and convert posts into tickets. What that means for you is savings of both time and money.

In addition to knowing the sentiments of each channel, Isentia Brandtology also helps you pinpoint influencers of your brand with our Top Influencer List chart. The chart gives an overview of the ‘netizens’ who are actively engaged with your brand, where they converse. and their sentiments toward the brand. It also helps you identify the spheres of influence and group dynamics, giving you the opportunity to establish relationships with the thought leaders around you. The list can also help you manage and engage positive influencers who love your brand, celebrate your successes, purchase your product and defend your brand in face of criticism. You can also address concerns of negative influencers and help change the perception of your brand.

Social Media Marketing

Marketing as we know it has evolved enormously in recent years. What was once one-way communication (old marketing) has now been redefined by social media, as a constant two-way interaction between brands and their consumers. Through various social networks, brands aim to build relationships with their consumers while producing compelling content to gain their attention and interests. So the question then is, how relevant are your efforts? Are you targeting the right people or communicating on the right platforms? Furthermore, how do you measure its success? 

Social Media Marketing brings a string of returns to you and your company by: 

  1. Generating immediate exposure for your brand
  2. Bridging the social divide between your brand and consumers
  3. Generating Business Leads (identifying & connecting with new customers)
  4. Saving advertising dollars With digital engagement, it’s important to determine the right set of platforms (channels) and users to target or connect with. 

Using technology, along with the support of trained analysts, Brandtology generates insights to optimize your social media strategy by: 

  1. Identifying your brand advocates (top influencers who are talking about you / your competitors)
  2. Identifying conversations and sentiments toward organized online campaigns and activities
  3. Identifying top channels and the sentiment toward you or your competitors Additionally, our service allows you to measure the effects and success of your Social Media Marketing efforts, letting you better understand your consumers and also identify areas for improvement.

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