Enterprise level media intelligence, PR measurement and analysis services

Communications, public relations and your brand matter. But how do you measure the effectiveness of your PR campaigns, your media strategy and your business decisions? Our Insights team provides you the highest level of media intelligence and analysis surrounding your communications strategies.

Isentia's insights team has demonstrated the effectiveness of in depth media analysis services to Boards, C-level executives as well as other stakeholders. We ask the right questions, use the deepest content sources, the right PR measurement techniques and the industry's best people to provide you with compelling intelligence that suits your needs.


Refine your communications strategy and prove your success with the confidence that independent, expert media analysis consulting provides.


Utilizing PR measurement to track improvements and trends over time, your Insights Team of experts will formulate the right key performance indicators for your team and your industry to measure and report on the effectiveness your campaigns.


A key component of media intelligence is knowledge about your industry. Through our media consulting experts, you can highlight the risks and opportunities for your organisation or brand and ensure that you can move into new markets, re-brand, launch or improve existing strategy with confidence.


Manage your response to breaking issues with fast and efficient analysis through Isentia's Insights team. Report to your stakeholders to gain strategic advantage.

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