SinoPortal is a monitoring product offered exclusively by iSentia China that has been designed to provide you with fast access to information. It is an easy-to-use web-based application, which enables you to monitor and analyses relevant media as it happens.

Advanced Search function will enable you to easily find clips through various criteria, including the publications' name, date, and name of the journalist. Just simply type in the key words in the search bar, and the system will identify what you need from millions of clips.

Strong Report Builder functions that can help clients build reports by themselves. Search and select clips that you want included and one click to export the report to Excel or Word format.

The Smart Chart function is especially designed for those decision makers who need deeper understanding of data; quickly catch up with the key points from mass information. By selecting the date, the chart format (SOV or trend), you can view the analysis by vivid charts.

A Share function that allows users to share clips by sending them to group e-mails. Forget about cut and paste, one click you can send the whole clip to someone's inbox.

New SinoPortal also provides you with:

  • Password protected login system
  • Flexible and user friendly interface
  • Summary rewriting and comment function

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